Consultations in general practice and internal medicine

​Our onsite medical center offers daily consultations in general practice and internal medicine. We perform radio-logical, laboratory, ultrasound, and consultations with specialists. We deliver rapid diagnostics, therapeutic, and monitoring of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Medical Assistance

Cardiology Consultations

Equipped with ECG, echocardiography, Ergometry (stress test), Holter ECG and Holter TA. Cardiac rehabilitation.

Consultar disponibilidad


Expert consultation for gynecology. Gynecological examinations and studies. Smear tests. Study and treatment of menopause.


Complete rehabilitation of mouth and personalized treatment of any dental problems. Estimates adjusted to the needs of each patient.

Ophthalmology Consultations

Diagnostic and therapeutic studies in ophthalmology for retinal pathology and lens. Council and therapy for correction of visual acuity and cataracts.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is the answer to concerns and problems of people in relation to their facial and body image. Facial rejuvenation therapy and corporal correction.

Dietician Consultations

Personalised dietetic treatments. Obesity. Cholesterol. Diabetes. High Blood Pressure. Nutrition for sports. Nutrition for women.

Podiatry Consultations

Prevention, diagnostics and treatment of feet problems. Sports, Elderly. Children.


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