At Santara resort and spa there is an intensive treatment program offered to those recovering from burnout. 


With a wide range of treatments and facilities catered towards well-being and internal balance, we can offer personalized programs dedicated to rehabilitating those who are recovering from chronic stress, otherwise known as burnout. 


Burnout is total system breakdown, after prolonged, unmanageable stress, and emotional fatigue. People suffering from burnout often experience emotional, cognitive and physical exhaustion, and this can have serious physical and mental health related consequences, from which it can take a long time, and a lot of treatment, to recover.


Burnout can affect anyone, however people with perfectionist and controlling tendencies who work in stressful business environments are most likely to be affected. Many of us battle with balancing our hectic daily schedules and home life. Between work-related issues, personal problems and struggling to find the time to catch up with yourself, it becomes increasingly easy to fall into a trap of feeling burnt-out, exhausted and stressed. In fact, it is so common that in 2016, around 448,000 people suffered from work-related stress. Chronic stress is not only bad for your emotional state, but also for your physical health and well-being in general.


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  • Irritability & impatience

  • Migraines

  • Low self-esteem                                    

  • Overeating and Under eating          

  • Headaches, regular colds and indigestion

  • Insomnia and 'racing brain' at night

  • Lack of energy and focus

  • Depression or anxiety 

  • Drug/Alcohol reliance or abuse

  • Persistent tension in any part of the body 


What they can do for you...

They can provide daily coaching and therapy sessions with world class Psychotherapists who will guide and support you during your recovery. Ensuring your recovery is catered to what you need and respond to. You will be provided with a private individual bungalow on the resort with the facilities for self-catering. However, there´s also our restaurant with your own pre-planned highly nutritional menu available every meal. You will also have access to a range of complimentary treatments such as a fully equipped gym with a wide range of classes including yoga and Pilates. A beautiful spa consisting of various facilities to promote relaxation, including a sensory room, sauna and both a hot and cool pool. We also offer massage therapy and other beauty therapy treatments provided in our spa. And finally, an indoor and an outdoor pool that well-beingTo encourage relaxation and are available at your leisure.


The services offered are diverse, providing scope for many different disorders, allowing us to tailor a personal recovery program for each individual. We believe that the disorder is a symptom – it is not a label and it does not define who you are. Our programs range from between 4 and 6 weeks – although the length of stay is defined by the individual and their needs.  Our therapeutic program and therapists are second to none – offering world class facilities and treatment.

They can help you to:

  • Reduce levels of anxiety, depression and exhaustion 

  • Learn to manage stress more effectively

  • Recover physically

  • Improve your self-care

  • Increase your satisfaction with life

  • Build resilience

  • Improve your quality of sleep 


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